DIY College Home-Decor

I recently moved into a new apartment and I have been in the process of redecorating. Since I am in college I tend to collect furniture from everywhere and a friend recently gave me this round bamboo bowl seat, I love the bamboo frame but the green cushion doesn’t match our current color scheme of black, grey, gold and white.

DIY College Decors

I decided to try and DIY a pillow cover instead of buying one online (which was proving difficult).  I wanted something soft and inviting but forgiving of my terrible sewing skills and ended up setting on a plush white textured faux fur to create the pillow cushion.

Joann's Fabric

I got the fabric I used from Joann’s Fabric and got 5 yards of it in case I needed more than I thought. Luckily the width of the fabric was the perfect length for the cushion so I didn’t need to piece it together at all.

I started off by laying my fabric flat out on the ground upside down and placed my cushion on top of it.

DIY College Room Decor

I folded the other half of the fabric over the top of the cushion so it was completely covering it and pinned my fabric around the cushion in the corners and cut off the excess. After this I sewed around half of the cushion with the fabric inside out. I did this so my seaming was as clean as possible for half of the cushion, but so that I could still remove my cushion to flip the fabric the correct way before I finished. I flipped the fabric the correct way out, and placed the cushion inside of it. Then I cut off the rest of the excess fabric. To sew the rest of the cushion I folded the edges under, (so there wouldn’t be raw edges) pinned around the edges of the pillow and sewed around the rest of the way. I doubled up my stitches all the way around the edges to make it more secure.

The cushion had a section where the tufting stitches had broken, making one section lumpy and bulky in comparison with the rest of the cushion.

To try and even it out more I sewed pearls to it to give it a tufted look and to even out the lumpy section. To do this I pushed the needle and thread all the way through the cushion and case, starting at the underside, and attached a pearl on top. Then I pushed the needle and thread back through the cushion and tied it tightly so that it indented the top of the cushion. I did this all the way around the pillow to keep the patterning consistent.

Faux Fur pillow case

This was my final result

DIY Faux Fur Pillow

I really like how this DIY turned out, looking back I would recommend getting a thimble, I stabbed my thumb quite a few times pushing the needle through both layers of the cushion. I would also recommend using a thick macramé thread instead of sewing machine thread so there won’t be a need to double up stitches!

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