Are Vegan Butcheries the next big thing?

What even is a vegan butchery?

When I first heard this term the first thing that popped in my head was some kind of real world Fruit Ninja with a butcher covered in fruit juices coming towards an unsuspecting apple with a cleaver. This, while an interesting take on veganism, is not quite the case. Plant based butcheries actually make meat substitutes from plants, these butcheries sell anywhere from hot dogs to steaks, all plant based and cruelty free!

These new butcheries have been slowly gaining momentum with 6 new locations popping up in the past year! Peta quotes these new butcheries as one of the top vegan trends to look out to in 2018! As more people become aware with sustainability and cruelty issues surrounding the meat issues the demand for meat alternatives are on the rise with the plant-based protein market expected to grow by 6.7% by 2022.

I’m still waiting for a vegan butchery to open up near me, if you live near any of these butcheries tag me in your food photos on Instagram @sweeteasunday I want to see what delicious meat free options are out there!

Some of the best vegan butcheries include

The Herbivorous Butcher

veggie hotdog

Just look at that brat, tempting to even the most dedicated sausage lovers. This was the first vegan butcher shop to open in the USA in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and would you believe one of the owner’s names is Kale?

The Very Good Butchers

veggie burgers

Veggie burgers AND Free Burger Friday?? This shop is located in Victoria Canada and is hoping to expand their business. You can check out their blog here and read about how they got started!

No Evil Foods

veggie sloppy joe

Sloppy Joe fans anyone? This shop also has an online option where you can order plant based protein right to your doorstep!

So, are vegan butcheries the next big thing? With the rise of veganism and the demand for plant-based alternatives I expect to see a lot more locations pop up through 2019 as this growing niche offers a great market opportunity for entrepreneurs. If there are no vegan butcheries open near you, keep your eyes peeled and mouths watering because you never know when one may pop up!

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Image Sources Slicing Apple-Daniel Novta (Changes Made)



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